The name Kaoli derives from the mineral kaolin, which is an essential raw material in ceramics. Kaoli’s core products are ceramic tiles, designed and carefully hand crafted to stand the test of time.  Our studio is located in the heart of Turku’s Port Arthur. Drop by and browse our products first hand!

My name is Casper Tuomaala and I am the founder of Kaoli. My story as a ceramist goes back to my days as a design student and the building of a very specific wooden cabinet . To finish the piece I only needed to find suitable door handles. So as an aspiring furniture designer I went out looking for a ceramist with the right knob for the job.

My search led me to the workshop of Minna Komulainen, Finnish artist, pioneer in the field of handmade tiles and founder of Terraviiva. In a conversation that would set me on the path to becoming a ceramist, I was offered an internship where I was supposed to develop said door knob. This internship would eventually turn into an apprenticeship and a fulfilling place of work for years to come.

Nonetheless, I never ended up producing a single door knob. Instead, I spent my time at Terraviiva honing my skills as a tile maker. Five years later the time finally came for myself to don the beret and to start building my own business.

Today my mission is clear: I want to deliver outstanding tiles to my customers. The goal is to be able to offer the perfect tiling solution for any space, be that an extravagant public lobby or the harmonic bathroom of your own home.

I am continuously searching for and developing fresh shapes and finishes for mytiles. With the company’s assortment, I want to appeal to our customers’ desire for unique personality in their habitat. Through tailor made facades. With artisan tiles.