As humans we have an inborn affection for the aesthetic. The desire to decorate our habitat is a primal trait seen throughout history – not least in our homes.

We surround ourselves with colors, textures and objects that reflect our personality. It also seems to be an inherent part of our nature to place sentimental value in our most prized belongings. E.g. our grandmother’s wedding ring, our favorite teacup or the painting in our bedroom. These types of items can hold priceless value to us.

We examined what makes us more attached to some possessions than others. Seemingly, the reason most often lies in the memories we associate with the items. Such as a bag that has traveled the world with us, or a vintage camera that has seen history. For our products, reaching this sort of fabled status with the user is the ultimate goal, and striving towards it constitutes the core of Kaoli’s design philosophy.

We want our customers to develop lasting affection for our tiles. To achieve this, we believe the key lies in true craftsmanship. By skillfully creating exquisite tiles with love for the craft, we lend our products character. We infuse them with fragments of our own history as craftsmen. This is a unique attribute of handmade products and we believe it has the ability of translating into sentimental value for the user.

Our aim is to create products that are built to last. Not only physically durable items, but items with built in charm. In succeeding, we hope for our tiles to be passed down through generations as dignified relics of a time of artisan revival.